RaMaDaSa       ReMeDy


A Sonar Remedy In Your Pocket


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Using modern hi-tech to facilitate ancient technology

Powerful meditation techniques to heal yourself and others

Using sound and mantra technology


The RaMaDaSa Remedy app includes 21 Kundalini Yoga meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga. All meditations use the Siri Gayatri mantra, which is the mantra of healing.



Meditations for Healing Yourself

Healing yourself through: stress-relief, regeneration, restore balance, well-being, relaxation, clarity, calm mind, expand consciousness, energy boost, patience and endurance, empower the immune-system, conquer fears, strengthen the nervous system, and more.

Meditations for Healing Others

Special meditations for charging your hands with healing energy, one-on-one healing practice, and send healing to others who are not in your immediate surroundings.


Audio, video and text to teach and lead you into each one of the meditations. Easy for first time meditation experience, or just nice to be guided even if you are a more advanced practitioner.

Meditation Timer

Presets for all of the meditations, including audio guidance option:
Choose the meditation, set the duration of the practice, choose your music, and press START!


Keep track of your process and positive results. Document your experiences and gain deeper understanding through self-reflection.

Share: share your practice and experience with others through social networks or email, directly from the app.


Beautiful new versions of the Siri Gayatri mantra. Enchanting compositions performed by top musicians, in a fusion of western, Indian, and middle-eastern music, to accompany you with your practice. Surround yourself with this inspiring healing music at home, in the car, at work,or wherever you are.

Extra option: upload other versions of the Siri Gayatri mantra from your own music library.


Chants for practice:


The Ramadasa Remedy app has received the KRI Seal of Approval.  This Seal is given only to products that have been reviewed for accuracy and integrity of the sections containing the 3HO lifestyle and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.





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